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aFe Power Momentum Air Intake for 2016+ Hyundai i30 N (PD) [2.0L I4 Turbo]


  • Airflow Increase: +39% (Pro 5R) | +37% (Pro Dry S)
  • Horsepower Increase: +15hp (Pro 5R) | +13hp (Pro Dry S)
  • Torque Increase: +14 ft.lbs (Pro 5R) | +12 ft.lbs (Pro Dry S)
  • Unique One-Piece Housing
  • Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube
  • Hassle-Free Installation

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- Airflow Increase: +53%
- Horsepower Increase: +14 hp
- Torque Increase: +13 ft.lbs

One-Piece Housing:
The included massive air filter is surrounded by an open-element XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) polymer housing that minimizes warm engine air for maximum performance. Its open design allows for easy viewing of the air filter, yet creates a heat-blocking seal when the vehicle's hood is closed. It features a built-in ram air scoop that captures additional cool air from behind the front grille.

Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube:
This system features a high quality, CAD-designed, dyno-tuned intake tube to achieve maximum power gains while maintaining a perfect fit. Its XLPE material is heat soak resistant, extremely durable, and features a Takeda design inspired by import vehicles.

Hassle-Free Installation:
The system is CAD-designed and utilizes factory mounting locations – making for a hassle-free, direct bolt-on installation process that requires no cutting or drilling on OEM parts. Its revolutionary design, featuring our patent pending filter-to-housing interface, uses half the number of parts of a traditional cold air intake system. An included billet aluminum fitting allows OE connections to transfer over seamlessly.


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aFe Power Stage-2 Air Intake for 2016+ Hyundai i30 N (PD) [2.0T]


  • Airflow Increase
  • Horsepower Increase
  • Torque Increase
  • Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube
  • One-Piece Housing
  • Hassle-Free Installation