VP Racing Break-In Oil 10W40

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VP Racing Break-In Oil 10W40


VP Engine Break-­In Oil is a unique, multi-­viscosity SAE 10W-­40 break-­in oil formulated with a blend of high quality conventional base stocks, ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate), Moly and other additive chemistry to allow a newly machined engine to properly finish seating and mating of machine engine parts.

VP Engine Break-­In Oil will not impede ring sealing and provides ultimate protection to flat tappet, roller cam, push rods, cylinder walls, cam gears, pistons and other critical engine components.

VP Engine Break-­In Oil should be used for initial 15-­20 pulls or between 50-­100 road miles.

  • 10W-40
  • Assists in the proper plateau of cylinders
  • Moly compounds added to help ring seal
  • EP additives manage the “seating in” process
  • Use for initial 15-20 dyno pulls / 50-100 miles
  • Provides ultimate protection for cams & valve train during the break-in process

Packing: 1 Quart / 946ml (12 bottles per box)

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