Bestchem Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)

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Bestchem Methanol (Methyl Alcohol) for Water Injection

Meets military spec: 0-M-232-E

A high quality methanol designed to bring out the power in your motor. This product will improve combustion and increase flame speed allowing higher compression, thus increasing RPM, horsepower, and acceleration.

Super-charged and turbo-charged cars could eliminate the need for an intercooler, which makes the install of superchargers and turbochargers much easier. Methanol has a cooling effect like Super-chargers and turbo-chargers, produce higher air intake temperature due to the compressing of air. Methanol will lower the air intake temperature dramatically, much more cooling than an intercooler.

  • Bestchem Methanol as cooling agent in water injection system

Bestchem Methanol permits the use of very high compression ratios. Bestchem Methanol acts as a cooling agent and increases volumetric efficiency and is widely use in turbocharged/supercharged engines reducing charge temperature after compression.

  • Directions:

Injection with water/methanol mixture of 50/50 ratio is recommended. This has been demonstrated to be the best for charge/air cooling, excellent detonation control, and controlling cylinder temperature. Except when severe cold climate which requires higher mixtures for freeze protection.

  • Caution:

At high concentration and injection rates, methanol can act more like a fuel than a coolant. As you increase the portion of methanol injected, you are releasing more energy into the cylinder as the combined gasoline and methanol burn. You will increase the cylinder temperature rather than reducing it. Beyond 50/50 ratio, onset of detonation is more likely.

  • Packing: 20 Litres drum

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