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Water injection, also known as anti-detonant injection, is spraying water/methanol mix into the incoming air or fuel-air mixture, or directly into the cylinder, in order to cool certain parts of the induction system where "hot points" could produce premature ignition. Methanol acts as a cooling agent, increases volumetric efficiency and lower the air intake temperature dramatically, much more cooling than an intercooler. It also permits the use of very high compression ratios.

Bestchem Methanol Pre-Mix is a blend of deionized water and methanol. Deionized water which is also known as demineralized water (DI water) is water that has had its minerals removed, such as cations from sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anions such as chloride and bromide. Deionised water in laymen terms means purified process water which has most of the dissolved solids removed. Deionized water should be used in the mixture to ensure the accumulation of scale and foreign matter is eliminated, which may contribute to the accumulation of scale and foreign matter in the water injection plumbing system.

Caution: At high concentration and injection rates, methanol can act more like a fuel than a coolant. As you increase the portion of methanol injected, you are releasing more energy into the cylinder as the combined gasoline and methanol burn. You will increase the cylinder temperature rather than reducing it. Beyond 50/50 ratio, onset of detonation is more likely.

Packing: 20 Litres Carboy

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