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SG Car Parts for Vendors

The current automotive environment is very limited, and SG Car Parts aims to change this to make it easier for both buyers and sellers of automotive parts. In the current environment, your method to reach the customers is to advertise on automotive-themed media, or employ online marketing.

Automotive-Themed Media

In the media environment, you are required to use a very broad marketing message, to be relevant to more consumers of the media.
If you were a specialist or had a specific part to introduce, you are still paying to be shown to people who won't be able to purchase your product or services.

Online Marketing

Although online marketing allows for better targeting than other media, it is still quite a rough method.
Online Marketing target users based on keyword or interests. The downside, is that you are still showing your ads to people who merely have an interest in automotive websites.

The Original Method
The SG Car Parts Method

SG Car Parts

Getting your products listed on SG Car Parts means you get your products displayed to the right audience - people who have the vehicle models that your products are for.
This means you are not spending money showing products to people who can't do anything to buy them.

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SG Car Parts Features

Services similar to SG Car Parts have always used the lazy method of creating a one-solution for all. This method has always made it costly for a small business who usually end up paying for features they do not need, and leave big businesses still requiring additional services from 3rd party providers to meet their requirements.

At SG Car Parts, we understand that the automotive industry is a wide spectrum - from single-workshops who install parts, to large distributors with outlets in multiple locations and different countries.

This is why we've made all our features modular - and you need only have services that is required. But we also understand where the importance lies, and no matter how big or small your business, you will be consumer-facing.

Location Listing

This is the most basic requirement, allowing consumers to find you as the Nearest Location (web/app), to purchase or install a product.

This is sufficient for most small-shops, whose primary requirement is for consumers to contact them or visit their location.

Blog / Social Media

Consumers are always interested to find out more about products, and having your services/installations showcased online always helps.

Website / Sub-Site

This is for those looking for a stronger online presence, and you can choose to either have a subsite (, or an independant website (

Both options still allow you to have your products listed on SG Car Parts, but provides you the extra freedom of having more information that is specific to your business.

Store Network

This service is ideal for shops that have multiple locations. It allows you to still have a single point of entry for consumers, but direct them towards a branch that is convenient for them.

Distribution Network

This feature is perfect for companies that have multiple independent stores, that sell their parts.

Add on the E-Commerce function, and you can also have your network of dealers find parts, view prices and place orders directly.

Multi Storefront

For distributors who need seperate storefronts that cater to different markets (e.g. a store for each city/country), this feature allows you to target users specific to that market, with independant information like pricing.


For those looking to sell directly from the website, this feature allows you to receive orders and process payments from consumers


This feature allows you to drastically reduce your marketing cost, by piggy-backing on the Search Engine Optimization of SG Car Parts.

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